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As a Chartering broker, we assist clients in need of ocean transportation for full or partial ship loads of cargoes whether they be dry bulk, liquid bulk, packaged and or project type cargoes. Services include reviewing of current market conditions, negotiating the most suitable tonnage for the safe and timely transportation from port to port, establishing freight contracts terms with clients interests and needs and administrating the freight contract.

As Transportation Consultants we undertake to assist clients in establishing the best mode of transport and advise the most suitable terms of cargo delivery to its final destinations, whether it be door to door, door to port, port to door or port to port. The Logistics Management consulting services are aimed to meet clients needs for safe and timely delivery of products essential to the overall project in consideration. This includes establishing with the client the criteria covering product characteristics, dictating packaging needs; researching consolidation points at both ends; researching types of transportation services available, land, sea or air ; recommendation and selection of the most suitable mode of transport and carriers based upon not just cost factors but also the best value for the client and the project.

Our activities as Procurement and Shipping Agent cover procurement of agricultural commodities and arranging transportation of same. We provide the complete menu of services from establishing the proper specifications of the product, contracting of the commodity on an FOB or FAS port basis, dovetailing the freight contract to allow a streamline transfer of goods from supplier/seller to carrier and delivery of the cargo to its final destination and receiver.

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